Official site of the town of Saint Lucia del Mela

Comune di Santa Lucia del Mela

Santa Lucia del Mela

Santa Lucia del Mela is a small Sicilian town of about 4,700 inhabitants made up of an inhabited centre which lies on the Tirrenean inland hills in the province of Messina.

The medieval village and the Arabic-Swabian-Aragonese castle (part of which was transformed into a Sanctuary in honour of Our Lady of the Snow in 1674) lie on the Makkarruna Hill (371metres) which dominates the underlying Plain of Milazzo, while on the horizon there is the Aelioan Islands Archipelago, Calavà Cape, to the West, and even Vatican Cape in Calabria, to the East.

The town is only 5 kms away from the motorway junction of Milazzo, 40 kms West from Messina and about 10 kms South of Milazzo.
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